KLAYS Consulting is committed to bringing opportunities for life improvement to people of all ages through the transformative power of education. Our work is focused on advancing high quality learning by providing education research, program evaluation, education program management, teacher training, school improvement and the use of technology to advance learning.

Our professional services helps clients to understand the status  of education that they are responsible for, achieve improvements in education planning and attain better policy implementation. KLAYS Consulting’s capabilities extend to good data management for tracking and reporting various elements of education which provide useful knowledge and insights for assessing programme outcomes and events in educations.

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What We Do

Education Solutions

We bring onto our projects highly qualified and experienced education consultants and practitioners ..


We provide high quality training and professional development opportunities for education profession..

Who We Are

Our Vision & Values

Our values are the creed that every one who works for KLAYS subscribe to comply with. Indeed our Tru..

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