Unlimited Potentials

"At KLAYS, you can be assured of best in class education professionals delivering quality service to enhance the performance of your teachers and staff and leave a lasting impact on your students"

KLAYS Consulting is committed to bringing opportunities for life improvement to people of all ages through the transformative power of education. Our work is focused on advancing high quality learning by providing education research, program evaluation, education program management, teacher training, school improvement and the use of technology to advance learning.

Our professional services helps clients to understand the status  of education that they are responsible for, achieve improvements in education planning and attain better policy implementation. KLAYS Consulting’s capabilities extend to good data management for tracking and reporting various elements of education which provide useful knowledge and insights for assessing programme outcomes and events in educations.

We have a bank of experience in raising the quality of teaching and learning through the teacher training work that we do. This experience includes the improvements that we have made to our yearly teacher training conferences in Africa and the Middle East  that incorporate feedback and evaluations of the impact of our work. Training of teachers stands as one of the most potent methods to improve learning outcomes and it does not stop with CPD courses. KLAYS Consulting offers development programs to headteachers and aspiring school leaders to prepare them for the essential role that school headship requires and also to enhance their performance. Additional strengthening of teachers’ professional development can be provided as competence based development which includes further learning aspects such as individual projects, carrying out lesson observations, carrying out research, maintaining a learning log or making presentations etc.

Of central importance is our policy of ensuring that professional development is not only of the highest relevance, based on the latest curriculum developments and educational direction, but also communicates a clear, forward-looking ethos and a stimulating awareness of the impact of future change.

Our work spans the international arena and we are geared to work with a wide range of clients including federal and state governments as well as on projects that are funded by aid organisations, charities and commercial clients.