Education Consulting


Quality research and evaluations that give strength to educational policies, programs, and practice

ed_consultOur consulting team provide advisory, research and programme evaluation services. When education authorities and policy makers have a range of options to consider in order to decide on a path to follow or to establish a new programme that would be based on reliable evidence, our researchers bring years of experience to the table to carry out the mission and report professionally analysed findings. Consequently decisions are made with greater convictions and policies for attaining better future in education wise have strong basis.

With capabilities for performing cost-benefit analyses and measuring effects of intervention programs on student learning, our experts are able to share valuable insight into how well your education program has worked so far and also recommend improvements to the next phase of the work or serve as lessons learned for better implementation of future programs.

Our expertise and professional services are tailored to fit the requirements of each individual client and our consultancy services can be applied to as wide variety of areas in education. 

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“One of the great benefits of research & evaluation on education policy making is that it allows you to model policies and programs that have a strong evidence base.”