Education Reform


Achieving sustainable reforms

Kindergarten teacher reading to children in library, boy lookingWhen it becomes necessary to undertake practical intervention actions to the way the school system functions for reasons such as increasing enrolment in schools, bringing improvement to teaching capacity and capabilities then education reform is required. Education reform must be planned and implemented with clear focus on the objectives of the program.

KLAYS employs an effective base model that can be adapted to different cases in order to meet the specific intervention needs of a client. When it comes to international education there is no single solution that serves all so we undertake necessary research and needs analysis on a case by case basis in order to deliver an appropriately matching solution  to the client.

We adhere to strong quality standards to ensure that what do we lead to the actualisation of our the clients’ desired outcomes.

Reform can be at a system level or even changes to components of an educational system such as ;

  • Leadership and management development
  • Trainers & supervisor’s programme
  • New teachers’ training programme
  • Curriculum improvement
  • Mathematics, science and specialist subject development programme

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Sustainable Change
The keys to lasting reform are ownership and sustainability. The essence of sharing knowledge is for capacity building and not to establish “foreign” concepts that take no cognisance of the local social and cultural context. Consequently, the primary aim for KLAYS is to support clients to re-establish or extend their educational system through the strengthening of local capacity and provision of tools for managing a re-engineered system.
Phased Program Development & Implementation
Once the assessment of an educational system has been carried out a reform programme is developed. This involves detailed scope of work and the specification of desired programme outcomes. The project plan activities are executed in a clear phased manner by our well experienced programme managers. Capacity building and support for the establishment of best practices are paramount to the success of the project.