Strategy & Operations


A new course in a changing educational landscape

Countries that look to excel in the global economy would need to re-envision a new path for their educational system. This means that a successful educational system for the 21st century needs to be of high quality and inclusive. The focus also needs to shift from traditional low-order cognitive ability to one high-order cognitive skills through which students are prepared to be original thinkers and solution providers.  This is what it takes to live and work in a globalised economy.

The barriers to learning are also tumbling down fast as we are in an era of changing educational environment which is being reshaped mainly through the use of technology and innovative teaching methods. These influences lead to a convergence of learning styles, interests, ease of information access and increase in understanding of information such that the way that students now learn can be considered to experience a subtle shift from group learning to a personalised learning. Therefore, more than  even before we are presented with the opportunity to raise the standard of living through great learning opportunities.

Our strategy experts have expertise for the following;

  • Review existing education system to identify weaknesses and the unique opportunities that already exist for enhancement
  • Help to go through the process of re-envisioning education for the country and its place in national progress
  • Developing the priorities for an education system that would suit the new vision
  • Map out workable strategies

More on strategy & operations

Envisioning an Education Path
Our researchers and strategy experts at KLAYS Consulting can help governments understand the changes that a new purpose needs and go through the process of mapping out strategies and set targets to deliver the vision for education.
Education Policies
On the back of the much needed changes are the policies that governments need to make so that they can drive strategic plans through. We can model a range of policy options and carry out development of selected policies in order to achieve education system targets.
Operational Support
Often with a new education system comes the need for transformation in the way a department or an agency within the ministry of education works. We provide operational support for re-tooling education administration, to strengthen service excellence and to provide workforce capacity building.