When the aim of an organisation is to contribute to national development through quality education there can be no short cuts or half-hearted methods applied to carrying out training of teachers, who are the conduit of knowledge in schools. KLAYS is committed to quality education therefore all our programmes are developed with utmost planning and focus to enrich the learning experience of our clients and their communities.

Our programmes, which are accredited, are developed in the UK by leading subject experts, and delivered by Associates with a depth of practical experience. Globally, we combine our international standards, with local knowledge to maximise our impact in the regions we operation.

At KLAYS, we work with educational establishments around the world to promote cutting- edge technology, skills and tools. We are relentless in our passion to build great learning environments where all students are engaged and inspired.

Our vision is to consistently motivate, excite and enhance the teaching skill set with the use of continuous professional development and technology, making sure educators are always on the cutting edge.
KLAYS courses are regularly reviewed by subject experts for relevance to industry and latest research developments in teaching.