TT401- Structuring Learning (NEW 2017)

This unit provides teachers with a model for the process of designing lessons. It considers factors affecting lesson design, including the influence of the type of learning objective on the choice of approach. It goes on to explore effective methods of sharing learning objectives with pupils.

TT402 – Teaching for Effective Learning (NEW 2017)

The module explores a range of teaching models and encourages teachers to review their teaching practice against the models described. For each teaching model outlined, episodes are clearly defined showing how the model might be applied in classrooms.

TT403 – Designing Lessons for Low Attainers (NEW 2017)

This unit explores a range of strategies and techniques that will help pupils who tend to learn more slowly.

TT404 – Designing Lessons for Inclusion (NEW 2017)

The module considers some principles for ensuring the inclusion of all pupils in lessons, and how to hold them all into the learning process. It provides an insight into the needs of several groups that need to be included, such as boys, EAL, lower attainers, gifted and talented...

TT405 – Opening & Closing Lessons (NEW 2017)

The beginnings and ends of learning sequencesare important. This unit describes the purpose and importance of starters and plenaries at the beginnings and ends of lessons, and also within lessons as part of teaching episodes.

TT406 – Effective Questioning (NEW 2017)

This course outlines the different types and purposes of questioning. It explains how to organise questioning for whole-class and group work, and offers strategies such as providing ‘wait time’ for making it effective.

TT407 – Effective Explanation (NEW 2017)

This course looks at the purpose of explanations in teaching and outlines the characteristics, features and skills of successful explanations. It explores different types of explanation, how to plan for them, which strategies are effective – particularly for those involving abstract ideas.