TT713 – Becoming an Effective Key Stage Head

The role of Head of Key Stage is a challenging and varied one. The content of this course covers a wide range of areas and gives a complete overview. This course is suitable for both aspiring and existing heads of key stage.

TT714 – Managing the Design and Technology Department

This course is suitable for course leaders and those aspiring to supervise departments. It focuses on the National Standards and factors which are essential to the management of the design and technology department.

TT715 – The Effective Use of ICT in a Classroom

This is one of the modules in these series of courses. The aim of this course is to enable teachers to begin to use ICT in their classrooms independently and effectively with confidence. This module covers an introduction to and benefits of the use...

TT716 – Differentiated teaching in the classroom

It is constantly a challenge for teachers to manage the learning needs of all pupils in the classroom. Effective differentiation skills are therefore required by teachers, to enable each student in their classroom reach their full potential. This course is designed to provide teachers...

TT717 – Effective lesson observation and feedback

Update your knowledge of the new 2012 Inspection framework and current Ofsted assessment requirements. This course is designed to enable participants develop the skills of how to assess the quality of teaching and learning, observing lessons and giving constructive feedback to colleagues based on...

TT718 – More learning, less teaching in the classroom

This course will enable Participants implement Ofsted’s new “10 minute teacher talk” criteria. It will enable participants to understand and develop strategies which encourage collaborative learning, support independent learning, reduce learning planning and monitor pupil progress. Participants will be gain an understanding Ofsted’s new...

TT719 – Outstanding lesson delivery in primary education

This course focuses on providing best practice on planning and teaching lessons to get the best out of pupils. Participants will explore what it means to effectively plan and deliver an outstanding lesson and be equipped to maximise the number of outstanding lessons that...