Training at your premises

We know the added advantage that training a whole school staff under the same umbrella brings to the development of staff in your school. It can markedly lift overall teaching and administration standards because a common basis of development is provided when all or a group of staff with common areas of service are jointly trained. Whole staff training at your own premises equally helps to eliminate challenge of finding a common time that is suitable for all that should be attending an external training. Moreover, at times, one size does not fit all. This is the reason why we have designed a range of flexible training programmes to fit around the needs of your school or college.

KLAYS Consulting provides the design, development and delivery of professional training that is tailored specifically around the staff of your school at your location. Unlike off-the-shelf solutions, we provide the appropriate mix of our existing courses and newly developed courses to meet skills gap or desired areas of knowledge development. Where required, we adapt the courses to the region or client to allow for better clarity of the concepts, practices or methods that are being delivered so as to maximise staff performance in the school environment

Choose from our listed courses or request for something more bespoke to the needs of your school or college.

Bringing training to your door means you don’t take precious time out of the classroom. It also means you save time and money because you don’t have to travel or pay for expensive cover. Plus you get the training you need at the time most convenient for you. With space for up to 50 staff per in-school session, this is a great opportunity to address key issues with everyone present and up-skill all your staff at once. If you need training for a larger group of staff, we can also provide additional trainers.

You have the option of requesting us to deliver training courses from the range that are listed on our website. Training can be delivered under any of these modes which allow your school to get the best of minimal disruption to teaching time, cost and value.

Multiple days In-School
This is an In-school training that would typically run from 2 to 5 days and can have up to 100 people attending. A training of this nature would include some of our standard courses and the development of new courses or modification of existing courses to address target development areas for your school.

This usually starts at around 9:00am and finishes at about 4:30pm with an hour lunch at about mid-day. Timing can be altered to suit your staff.

All day In-School
This is similar to the multiple days In-school except that it is only for 1 day.

Half day
In order to get some work done in the morning and have time to prepare to attend a training, half day courses are offered packed with much of what you would expect on a full day’s course but with shorter tea and coffee breaks. The course would typically start just after lunch around 1.30pm until about 6:30pm.

To enquire about In-School training for your school, please contact us on 0203 086 7761 or

Before the visit

The trainer’s materials will arrive a few days before the event. Trainers may not cover any of the excluded areas (see Exclusions below). Please make sure a suitably equipped room has been set up for the session.


After your in-school CPD visit, please complete and return our evaluation form. We value your feedback and use it in the planning of future visits and courses.


In-school training sessions exclude:
 - provision of support sessions for your students
 - review of candidates’ scripts
 - review of student assignments or portfolio work
 - marking of or guidance on your candidates’ live homeworks / assignments.

However trainer can provide practical demonstrations with non –actual student scripts, homeworks / assignments or assessment records as part of training case study.


A fee is charged for all training sessions. Upon booking a training session for your school, we will send you an invoice for the service fee and payment details.

This is the easy part – Booking!

Simply send a mail to or call +44 (0) 203 086 7761 to discuss the right development programme for your school’s staff.

If you prefer, please fill in request form below and submit it.

We require minimum notice period of about 4 weeks to deliver in-school training in Europe and about 9 – 12 weeks internationally depending on the region and travel arrangement requirements. If timing is too short, we may have to ask you to revise the date to accommodate the availability and travel arrangement plans of our trainers. We make every effort to meet all reasonable requests for training sessions.

You can also learn more about our in-school training by reading our FAQ section.

In-school Training Request