KLAYS Consulting is committed to providing the best possible support to the education sector. We ensure that school teachers and leaders have the skills, knowledge, support and development advice they need at every stage.

Throughout the year, we organise a comprehensive series of events which are designed by teachers for teachers. Our dedicated learning and development approach enables school teachers and leaders to retain their competencies and keep their skills up to date through structured learning throughout their working lives.

Our conferences, seminars and workshops are designed and delivered by leading experts in their fields. They provide an opportunity for you to discover how best-in-class educational establishments and schools deliver exceptional results. We provide an avenue to connect with industry experts and world-class presenters to generate ideas that impact organisational goals and metrics, as well as meeting the needs and aspirations of our participants.

You will be able to discover practical and actionable solutions which can be implemented immediately into your organisational practice.

The KLAYS Consulting International Conference events are where learning leaders come to forge new relationships, share ideas and explore innovative ways to drive results for their learning organisation. Our attendees find it to be the perfect size for a highly interactive and personal learning experience. These events are designed to enable the expansion of your peer network and to help you with the challenges of being a learning leader.

Brought to you on location around the world, our events are themed and cover an array of some of the most pressing matters for global education. To find out about our next event in your area please email

How long is the conference?
KLAYS Training conferences are normally held as a week-long conference with courses delivered over five days however, variations in number of days may exist for each event. Each delegate can attend a course per day or pre-select the days to attend. While each course is delivered as an independent course, we encourage delegates to plan to attend all of the days of the event. The training starts at 9am each day and ends at 4.30pm.

What are the courses?
The courses that are offered at the conference are consistent with the theme that is chosen for the year. The courses for the training conference are delivered under two separate streams i.e. EYFS and Key Stage, that run concurrently during the conference week and delegates can choose a stream to follow.

How are the trainings delivered?
The training courses for our conferences are live instructor led trainings. They are a combination of rich fundamental concepts of the subject matter, case studies, interactive group discussions and they incorporate additional modes of learning such as use of videos where appropriate.

What is included?
All delegates receive the following;

- KLAYS course notes
- Lunch
- Training attendance certificates

Skills development, practical learning styles

The basis of the content of the courses that are delivered at the KLAYS conferences is the UK Teachers Standard so while each conference theme allows us to bring courses together that focus on a combination of a few particular core standards such as relationships with children and young people, communicating and working with others, teaching and learning, assessment and monitoring etc, our efforts are concentrated on ensuring that the mode of delivery of the courses actually provide skills to the teacher that can be taken to the classroom to enhance pupils’ learning.

We all have different learning styles but skills are acquired quicker and retained where the learning is of demonstrated and experiential modes. Skills development remains the central focus and uniqueness of the training conference.